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When most people in the U.S. think of comic books, “romance” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. When you say “comic books,” most people think “superheroes.” But from the 1940s to the early 1960s, romance comics in the United States such as “Young Romance” were extremely popular. However, a comic book doesn’t have…

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My Selection from this Top 20 :

18. Reed Richards and Sue Storm


He’s a super-genius who can stretch his body into a near infinite number of shapes. She can turn herself and other objects invisible. They’re Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, and they’re awesome together.

When Reed Richards and Sue Storm first appeared in “The Fantastic Four” #1 in 1961, they were considered revolutionary. Until their appearance, couples in comic books tended to be bland and unrealistic. But “The Fantastic Four” broke new ground in relationships as well as storytelling, because they weren’t perfect. Richards and Storm would argue, fight, and even break up. Despite these problems, they always managed to come back together.

They gained their powers together, fought together in the Fantastic Four, and eventually married in “Fantastic Four Annual” #3 (1965). Over the decades, they’ve had two children together and Sue has gone from the Invisible Girl to become the more powerful Invisible Woman. They’ve left the Fantastic Four and returned, faced death countless times, and seemingly have left the Marvel Universe altogether in 2016’s “Secret Wars.” We’re sure we’ll see them in each other’s arms again eventually, though, because their greatest power is staying together.

12. Bruce Banner and Betty Ross


For as long as Bruce Banner has been the rampaging Hulk, he’s been in love with Betty Ross. Ross first appeared in “The Incredible Hulk” #1 in 1962, where she first met Banner before the experiment that infused him with gamma radiation transformed him into the Hulk. As Banner struggled to control his new power, Ross fell in love with his gentle and intelligent soul.

But their relationship hasn’t always been smooth. At first, Banner struggled to keep his secret from her, alienating her. When his secret was exposed, he had to go on the run from her own father, Thunderbolt Ross. She stood by him, even as he went on the run for his life. But Ross has been more than just his long-suffering girlfriend. She’s often broke up with Banner over his failed attempts to control the Hulk. Over time, she’s even become his enemy as she was transformed into the supervillain Harpy, and later became the powerful Red She-Hulk. Through all their transformations and conflicts, their love for each other has remained and continues to drive them.

9. Batman and Catwoman


The relationship between Batman and Catwoman is complex, because Catwoman is complex. Sometimes, Catwoman is a hero. Other times, Catwoman is a villain. Batman is always caught between wanting to arrest her and wanting to make love to her.

First appearing in “Batman” #1 in 1940 as “the Cat,” Selina Kyle has evolved into one of his most formidable villains. Catwoman engages Batman in a chess game, with him trying to reform her while she uses him to pursue her own interests. Although she’s supposed to be an enemy of Batman, Catwoman has her own moral code that’s even led her to team up with Batman. She’s a gray area in Batman’s usually strict moral code by being a combination of good and evil. He’s attracted to her because she’s a female version of himself: a dark creature that prowls the night, straddling the line between right and wrong.

While we’re always rooting for Batman to find love, we know it’s more important for him to fight crime, which is why we love watching him pursue Catwoman and fight villains at the same time.

2. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson


Of all the couples in comics, the relationship between Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson seems to be one of the most popular. Unlike most superheroes whose relationship are on the sidelines, the romance between Parker and Watson is often the focus of the webslinger’s stories.

Watson was first mentioned in 1964’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” #15, where it became a running joke that Aunt May was trying to set Parker up with her. Parker constantly found ways to avoid her, and the reader never got to see her face until “The Amazing Spider-Man” #42. In that iconic moment, MJ turns and says, “Face it, tiger…you hit the jackpot!” Parker falls deeply for her, and so did the readers.

The two had a turbulent but deeply passionate romance. In 1987, “The Amazing Spider-Man Annual” #21 highlighted the wedding of Parker and Watson. Their marriage turned into one of the few bright spots in Spider-Man’s life. No matter how bad things got, he could always come home to her. That’s why it caused an uproar when the marriage was erased from history in 2007’s “One More Day.” We’re still hoping Marvel comes around and brings these two back together.

1. Superman and Lois Lane


By far, the most popular couple in comic book history is Superman and Lois Lane. She’s been an important part of the Superman mythos since their first appearances in “Action Comics” #1 in 1938. In work, Clark and Lois were rivals at the “Daily Planet,” but as Superman, he became Lane’s protector, always ready to leap in and rescue her.

The love triangle of Clark, Lois, and Superman has been a complex and ironic one. Over the years, she became increasingly attracted to Superman, ironically while sneering at the nerdy Clark Kent. The back and forth between the two has been a delight to fans for decades, even becoming the focus of the 1990s TV show, “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”

In the comics continuity, Lane eventually learned Superman’s secret identity. In “Superman” #50 (1990), Clark officially proposed and revealed himself as Superman. Despite Superman’s death in 1992, he came back to life and the two were officially married in 1996’s “Superman: The Wedding Album.” Their love story is part of what makes Superman great. She brings humanity to Superman, and he takes her places she’s never dreamed of.

6. Scott Summers and Jean Grey



As Cyclops and Marvel Girl, Scott Summers and Jean Grey both first appeared in “The X-Men” #1 in 1963, where they were students for Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, along with Beast, Angel, and Iceman. Over time, Cyclops and Grey fell in love. But when Wolverine joined the team in “Giant-Sized X-Men” #1 in 1975, Grey’s heart was torn as she found herself attracted to Logan instead. The rivalry between Wolverine and Cyclops over Grey’s affections threatened to tear the team apart.

The biggest twist in their relationship came when Jean Grey sacrificed herself to pilot a crashing space shuttle. Cyclops was devastated, but she miraculously returned as the Phoenix in “Uncanny X-Men” #125 (1979). Alas, her god-like powers and possession by the Phoenix Force forced her (well, her duplicate) to commit suicide in “Uncanny X-Men” #137 (1980). Grey returned in a stunning twist, and her rocky relationship with Cyclops and Wolverine continued with Cyclops even marrying her in “X-Men” #30 (1994) before later dying again. It seems like death always comes between them.

Pimpf’s POV : Those are among my fave Characters from comic books : Reed and Sur are among the first official Marvel family, Bruce and Betty have always lived through hard times with their love and couple but love is there , Bruce and Selina too even though they not always appear on the same side they are really attracted to each other ( that kind of shows up well in Gotham TV show),  Clark & Lois the perfect couple, even though she took some time to finally recognize Clark as Supes, they were meant for each other, as is for me Peter and Mary Jane, what a couple and what a mistake to set them apart.

And what could I say for two of my favourite heroes ? Scott and Jean/ Cyclops and Pheonix, they were always the good couple for me the one that finally has been and should had always been,  I didn’t and don’t like what Marvel made with both characters, they twisted them too much, and probably don’t recognize myself in Marvel Stories since them… yes people get divorced, separated, etc… but it’s a damn comics something you refer to  they were always the ones for me . they are still the ones that deserve to be the couple of the comics for me


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