20160720 – Comics News : STAN LEE’s New Superteam Makes Animated Debut | Newsarama.com

STAN LEE’S COSMIC CRUSADERS make their animated debut

Stan Lee’s Cosmic Crusaders, a new animated series from Lee’s POW! Entertainment, has made its online debut via The Hollywood Reporter.

The series focuses on Lee himself leading a group of aliens as they become a super team. New episodes will be available from THR daily through Friday, July 21.

The series was conceptualized by Lee and written by Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza

« I can’t wait to bestow upon the world one of our latest creations, Stan Lee’s Cosmic Crusaders, » said Lee. « Celebrating 75 years in the entertainment business is staggering enough, and as if this wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve joined forces with my friends at The Hollywood Reporter and Genius Brands International so you don’t want to miss out on this event! »

Check out the first episode right here.

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20160705 – Comics News : Full MARVEL NOW! ‘Divided We Stand’ Image Released | Newsarama.com

A literal rift between two teams of Marvel veterans and Marvel’s younger heroes.

Joining the 16 characters in the previous « Marvel NOW! » teaesers is 10 new characters: Daisy Johnson/Quake, Elektra, Gamora, Cable, Squirrel Girl, Moon Girl, Kate Bishop/Hawkeye, Dr. Strange, and Amadeus Cho/Hulk.

In fact, it’s eleven if you count the massive green foot seen behind the group on the left. The publisher hasn’t clarified who that is referring to, although the first giant green lizard in the Marvel U that comes to mind is Fin Fang Foom, but it could also be the recently introduced American Kaiju (real name: Todd Ziller) from New Avengers.

In some ways, the two groups of characters mirror the way Marvel began promoting « All-New All-Different Marvel » with two groups of characters in a pair of pin-ups by Civil War II artist David Marquez. In this « Marvel NOW! » line-up, it’s interesting that two recent Invincible Iron Man characters – Dr. Doom and Riri Williams – are featured as the central figures in each group – one of mostly older heroes, and the other those who are portrayed as newer recruits into the superhero business.

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20160702 – Comics News : Revamped ‘ODINSON’ v Unexpected Character in in Latest ‘Divided’ MARVEL NOW Teaser | Newsarama.com

The one once-worthy at odds against the one once-ultimate.

Another « Marvel NOW! » teaser has arisen, this time featuring the return of the original Thor – now calling himself Odinson – being put at odds against the Miles Morales Spider-Man. This teaser (via IGN), like the others, is illustrated by Mike Deodato Jr., who coincidentally illustrated Odinson’s fall from worthy-ness to be Thor in 2014’s Original Sin a mystery that has yet to be revealed.

This teaser breaks the mold of previous pieces which contrasted a household character against a more esoteric choice from Marvel’s deep bench, but squarely comes down to the generational divide that Newsarama has theorizedcould be crux of « Marvel NOW! »

It’s also important to note Odinson’s revised features: a short, cropped haircut with some high-tech armor – perhaps compensating for his loss of power after being dethroned as Thor.

Look for more on « Marvel NOW! » as it develops on Newsarama.

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20160603 – Comics News :CIVIL WAR II #1: Behind Marvel’s Self-Aware, Fatal Choice – SPOILERS | Newsarama.com

Tom Brevoort discusses the onset of CIVIL WAR II, and the major ramifications that are already in place.

Spoilers ahead for this week’s Civil War II #1.

After two prelude issues and two deaths, the battle lines between Marvel’s heroes are drawn in this week’s Civil War II #1. With the conflict now fully underway, Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort is talking to Newsarama about the events of this first full issue, the deaths, and the stances Iron Man and Captain Marvel are taking.

While Brevoort at times plays coy about spoilers to future issues, the long-time Marvel event editor does give a definitive answer on what happened to War Machine, as well as who he sees as the underdog – and that answer might surprise you.

Newsarama: Tom, let’s get right into it. Marvel has had a hell of a busy week.

Tom Brevoort: Oh, has it? I hadn’t noticed.

Nrama: I’m sure you didn’t get 50,000 Twitter notifications.

Brevoort: That’s typical for me – I’m a very popular guy [laughs].

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20160525 – Comics News :DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 – Explaining the Two WALLY WESTs | Newsarama.com

It’s getting harder to miss one of the major spoilers of DC’s latest universe-changing event. In case you didn’t, we answer some questions you might have.

Updated May 24, 2016: Since publication of this story DC Comics has revealed a third image of Wally West from DC Universe: Rebirth #1 without a spoiler warning, this time on its Facebook page.

Original Story: Spoilers ahead for DC Universe: Rebirth #1.

Among all the excitement about the return of post-CrisisWally West in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, there’s one element of his return that’s an even bigger surprise — there will apparently now be two Wally West speedsters in the DCU.

As seen in the DC Universe: Rebirth #1 pages that leaked Friday afternoon and subsequent official preview pagesreleased to the comic book press and USA Today, DC now has two Wallys in their Rebirth’ed universe. And both wear a Kid Flash costume, though the original Wally is seen in a brand new costume at the end of the special.

According to the special due Wednesday, the two Wallys are established as cousins who had never met, named after the same great-grandfather, Wallace West. The older, original Wally is Rudy West’s son. The newer, younger Wally is Rudy’s brother Daniel West’s son. Both share an aunt (Rudy and Daniel’s sister), Iris West.

“I was as close to Iris as I was far from Daniel,” explains the original Wally in narration.

Diving deeper, the just-returned-from-the-past Wally is older (but younger than his last pre-Flashpoint appearance) white, red-headed speedster. The character was introduced in 1959 and started as a Kid Flash, one of the members of the Teen Titans, but then graduated to taking over the Flash mantle as an adult in the 1980’s – all continuity that is now, apparently, reestablished. He disappeared from continuity when DC rebooted their universe in 2011, but now he’s back. And Newsarama has learned that he’ll be co-starring with other adult, former Teen Titans in the new Titans series by writer Dan Abnett.

But there’s also the younger, more-recently-introduced, « New 52 » version of Wally West, a black teenager. Flash Rebirthwriter Josh Williamson told Newsarama that the « kid » version of Wally West will evolve into the new Kid Flash within the pages of the Flash title (as confirmed by DC Universe: Rebirth #1), then will be part of the Teen Titans title.

Williamson said that there will be a « twist » with Wally’s evolution, which hints that maybe the older Wally will be part of mentoring the younger one.

While the existence of two Wally West’s now has a simple explanation, it isn’t the only character ‘duplication’ that is emerging as DC works to undo some of the problems that arose after the company’s « New 52 » reboot in 2011, which had eliminated many of the company’s best-loved legacy characters. Now, in the Rebirth’ed DCU, it appears that there will be two Lois Lanes, and we’re still not sure how many Clark Kents.

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20160519 – Comics News : Is This REBIRTH’s JOKER? BATMAN #1 Variant Revealed | Newsarama.com

RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE’s BATMAN #1 variant cover may reveal REBIRTH’s JOKER.


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20160519 – Comics News : JIM LEE Reveals Hidden Meaning Behind DC’s New Logo | Newsarama.com

DC co-publisher Jim Lee says there’s more to the company’s new logo than meets the eye. According to the artist-turned-executive, the new logo – which coincides with the launch of Rebirth – is meant to evoke the insignia of DC’s biggest heroes – Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

« The nooks and angles are meant to evoke the Superman ‘S’, the Wonder Woman ‘WW’ emblem and the Bat logo, » Lee explained on an Instagram post.

The new logo will debut with the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot that hits shelves May 25.

You don’t need super senses to see what’s hiding in DC’s new logo.

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20160513 – Comics News :Animated BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Cover & Release Date Revealed | Newsarama.com

Bruce Timm promised some additions, and there’s already more blood on the BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE cover.

Warner Bros. Animation has announced that the animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke will be released digitally on July 26, with a home video version on August 2. The R-rated animated film features the return of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill in their popular voice-acting roles as Batman and the Joker, respectively. The film’s script was written by Brian Azzarello, and directed by Sam Liu, based of course on the iconic Alan Moore-Brian Bolland story.

Batman: The Killing Joke presents one of the most compelling stories in the annals of Batman’s adventures: the evolution of the Joker from normalcy to criminal insanity. This was a very challenging story to tell because of the intense, often disturbing storyline, but we are extremely pleased with how true to the graphic novel we have been in this original film.” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Vice President, Family & Animation Marketing. “Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is proud to release Batman: The Killing Joke as an authentic representation of its revered story for both longtime fans and new fans alike.”

Conroy and Hamill are joined by Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon and Ray Wise as Commissioner Gordon.

As part of the home video release, a special Blu-ray Deluxe edition will also include a numbered, limited edition gift set including an exclusive Joker figurine.


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20160428 – Comics News :  And Marvel’s ‘Long Awaited Return’ Is… SPOILERS | Newsarama.com

Last week, Marvel released a teaser image promising a « long awaited return » tied to Avengers: Standoff!. It has since been revealed that the returning hero is none other than Quasar, wielder of the cosmic-powered Quantum Bands.

And while the most memorable Quasar, Wendell Vaughan, returns in Standoff! to pass on the mantle, the new Quasar is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Avril Kincaid. Kincaid retrieves the Quantum Bands in this week’s Avengers: Standoff! Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega and assumes the Quasar name.

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20160407 – Marvel Comics News : Mutants Assemble In 10 New X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Character Posters | Newsarama.com

X-Men and Horsemen alike get their own solo posters.











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