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The CW has been revealing more and more about the new season of “The Flash,” and now, photos from the season’s second episode gives fans a sneak peak at John Wesley Shipp in full costume as Jay Garrick, Tom Felton as the mysterious Julian Dorn and the state of affairs as we enter the show’s…

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WALLY WEST-Led TITANS To ‘Unlock the Mystery’ of REBIRTH | Newsarama.com

Newly DC-exclusive series writer Dan Abnett talks about his big plans for what he calls ‘the great legacy team of the DC Universe.’


Wally West’s return in Rebirth — and his warnings about a « darkness from somewhere » that’s infecting the DCU — is just the beginning of the story. The character will share his message of 10 missing years in the DCU as he joins theTitans, a new series by Dan Abnett and Brett Booth that launches in June.

And Newsarama has learned that DC has given Abnett a DC exclusive contract, as he’s not only writing the new Titanstitle, but also Aquaman and Earth 2: Society.

Because of Wally’s return, Titans will be  « central » to the events unfolding after the revelation that Watchmencharacters have manipulated the DCU, according to Abnett.

The monthly Titans title will spin out of the events of Rebirthwhile also picking up on what happened in Abnett’s just-finished Titans Hunt. Wally will join with other team members from Titans Hunt, including Bumblebee, Nightwing, Donna Troy, Gnarrk, Hawk, Dove, Arsenal, Tempest, Herald, and other familiar Titans characters.

Newsarama talked with Abnett about Wally’s role on the team, about his early tease of the character’s return, and why the Titans are so important for DC’s new acceptance of legacy characters.

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20160525 – Comics News :DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 – Explaining the Two WALLY WESTs | Newsarama.com

It’s getting harder to miss one of the major spoilers of DC’s latest universe-changing event. In case you didn’t, we answer some questions you might have.

Updated May 24, 2016: Since publication of this story DC Comics has revealed a third image of Wally West from DC Universe: Rebirth #1 without a spoiler warning, this time on its Facebook page.

Original Story: Spoilers ahead for DC Universe: Rebirth #1.

Among all the excitement about the return of post-CrisisWally West in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, there’s one element of his return that’s an even bigger surprise — there will apparently now be two Wally West speedsters in the DCU.

As seen in the DC Universe: Rebirth #1 pages that leaked Friday afternoon and subsequent official preview pagesreleased to the comic book press and USA Today, DC now has two Wallys in their Rebirth’ed universe. And both wear a Kid Flash costume, though the original Wally is seen in a brand new costume at the end of the special.

According to the special due Wednesday, the two Wallys are established as cousins who had never met, named after the same great-grandfather, Wallace West. The older, original Wally is Rudy West’s son. The newer, younger Wally is Rudy’s brother Daniel West’s son. Both share an aunt (Rudy and Daniel’s sister), Iris West.

“I was as close to Iris as I was far from Daniel,” explains the original Wally in narration.

Diving deeper, the just-returned-from-the-past Wally is older (but younger than his last pre-Flashpoint appearance) white, red-headed speedster. The character was introduced in 1959 and started as a Kid Flash, one of the members of the Teen Titans, but then graduated to taking over the Flash mantle as an adult in the 1980’s – all continuity that is now, apparently, reestablished. He disappeared from continuity when DC rebooted their universe in 2011, but now he’s back. And Newsarama has learned that he’ll be co-starring with other adult, former Teen Titans in the new Titans series by writer Dan Abnett.

But there’s also the younger, more-recently-introduced, « New 52 » version of Wally West, a black teenager. Flash Rebirthwriter Josh Williamson told Newsarama that the « kid » version of Wally West will evolve into the new Kid Flash within the pages of the Flash title (as confirmed by DC Universe: Rebirth #1), then will be part of the Teen Titans title.

Williamson said that there will be a « twist » with Wally’s evolution, which hints that maybe the older Wally will be part of mentoring the younger one.

While the existence of two Wally West’s now has a simple explanation, it isn’t the only character ‘duplication’ that is emerging as DC works to undo some of the problems that arose after the company’s « New 52 » reboot in 2011, which had eliminated many of the company’s best-loved legacy characters. Now, in the Rebirth’ed DCU, it appears that there will be two Lois Lanes, and we’re still not sure how many Clark Kents.

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20160512 – News  : Arrow’s Katie Cassidy Comes To The Flash In New Invincible Photos

The CW has released stills from next Tuesday’s « Invincible » episode of The Flash, and they offer the first official images of former Arrow star Katie Cassidy as Black Canary’s Earth-2 counterpart, Black Siren.

After Zoom (guest star Teddy Sears) unleashes an army of Earth-2 meta-humans on Central City, Barry (Grant Gustin) is shaken when he sees their leader is the Black Canary’s Earth-2 doppelganger, the Black Siren (guest star Katie Cassidy). Meanwhile, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) takes to the streets to help The Flash stop the meta-humans, which worries Joe (Jesse L. Martin). Iris (Candice Patton) and Henry (guest star John Wesley Shipp) are concerned about Barry taking on Zoom.

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20160420 -« The Flash » Reveals Zoom’s Origin, Cisco Gets New Powers | Comic Book Resources

« The Flash » Reveals Zoom’s Origin, Cisco Gets New Powers – In « Versus Zoom, » « The Flash » flashed back to Hunter Zolomon’s origin, Cisco discovered a new ability and Barry was faced with a difficult decision.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for « Versus Zoom, » tonight’s episode of « The Flash. »

In « Versus Zoom, » Hunter Zolomon got what he wanted all along: Barry’s speed.

In « Versus Zoom, » Hunter Zolomon finally got what he wanted: Barry’s speed. However, before he even made it back to Earth-1, « The Flash » flashed back to Zolomon’s childhood and revealed the character’s Earth-2 origin.

As it turns out, Hunter Zolomon is one of Earth-2’s only serial killers. The episode revealed a traumatic event from his childhood, one that parallels Barry’s own origin: Zolomon watched his father murder his mother. However, Zolomon didn’t have a surrogate parent like Joe West who was ready and willing to take him in; instead, he grew up in foster care, after all remaining family members refused to take him in.

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Zolomon grew up to be a serial killer, murdering 23 people before his capture. Instead of jail, he was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where he underwent shock therapy in order to cure his murderous urges. This is exactly what was happening when Earth-2’s particle accelerator went off, and it ultimately gave him his speed.

In addition to Zoom’s origin, the episode found Cisco tapping a new ability. Using Reverb’s glasses, he was able to manually open the breach between worlds with his powers, which is what allowed Zoom to return to Earth-1.

Thanks to his return to Earth-1, Zoom was able to kidnap Wally and demand Barry’s speed in exchange. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Barry chose to give up his speed in order to save Wally. Zoom took Barry’s speed, but something went wrong with the transfer, causing Zoom to lash out against Barry. Caitlin begged him to stop, desperately appealing to any part of him that might have felt something for her. Her plea worked, and Zoom took off, leaving Barry powerless but alive.

During the transfer, Zoom answered a few questions for the team, as well as the audience. As it turns out, the Jay that died was a time remnant of his past self, who he convinced to join him. Additionally, he explained why he masqueraded as Jay Garrick: because he enjoyed « playing » a hero, giving the people hope before ripping it away. However, when Barry asked who the man in the mask was, Zoom dodged the question by saying, « You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. »

Starring Grant Gustin, Carlos Valdes and Jesse L. Martin, « The Flash » airs Tuesdays at 8 pm EST on The CW.

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20160420 – The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Versus Zoom

The episode opens on Barry thinking about the night his mother was killed, and talking about how […]

The episode opens on Barry thinking about the night his mother was killed, and talking about how the Wests are responsible for the good things that happened in his life.

This is all to contrast what happened to Earth-2 Solomon, whose father was Jay Garrick — an abusive jerk who gifted Hunter his helmet from the war before killing her and sending Hunter to an orphanage when no relatives could take him in.

The orphanage is a cold, uptight place, and Hunter arrives with the helmet his only possession.

In the present day on Earth-1, Barry is using a tachyon enhancer to try to make his way home. He vanishes into a Breach and immediately reappears, traveling four times as fast as he’s ever been before. He asks Wells to work on decreasing the size of the tachyon enhancer. He’s doing that, but Wells still doesn’t want Barry to open a breach and put the people they love in danger.

Barry says they can’t turn their backs on the other Earth, but Wells won’t help him find a way to Earth-2.

Iris, who was on hand to see the speed test, leaves to go on a date with Scott, her editor.

That night, Joe and Barry are sharing beer and pizza, talking about the fact that Joe more or less agrees with Wells on this point. Wally joins them, bringing his laundry home to wash. Joe offers to help him with his room and board bills, which are more than he had expected, but Wally declines. Joe makes a comment about Wally’s doppelgänger, which inspires Barry.

At S.T.A.R., Barry asks Wells for more information about Reverb. He wants to hone Cisco’s powers so that he can open breaches between worlds.

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20151014 – News : « The Flash » Recap: Jay Garrick and Barry Allen Meet in « Flash of Two Worlds » – Comic Book Resources

« The Flash » Recap: Jay Garrick and Barry Allen Meet in « Flash of Two Worlds » – A classic DC Comics hero arrives to shed light on the doppelganger metahumans, but Barry wonders if he can trust this new speedster.

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