20170226 – News /Coming to Marvel… HULKVERINE?

Perhaps the most unique Wolverine/Hulk crossover yet.

Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief Axel ALonso has tweeted an image sure to get fans attention. The image, shown at right, depicts a Hulk/Wolverine hybrid in holding tube of some kind, being overseen by two scientists. Alonso labeled the artwork « Under construction », and the artist has been identified as Skan.

Currently, both the original Wolverine and the original Hulk are dead. Bruce Banner’s hulked out body however, was last seen being passed from the Hand to Captain America – you know, the one who’s a sleeper Hydra agent. Could this be one more weapon in advance of Secret Empire?

For his part, Wolverine’s iconic claws aren’t unique to him and have been implanted, with various designs, into other characters. That being said, Wolverine’s adamantium-encased corpse was last seen in possession of the X-Men.

Source : Coming to Marvel… HULKVERINE?

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