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SDCC: The X-Men & Inhumans Prepare For « Death Of X » – The future of Marvel’s mutants and Inhumans is teased in this comprehensive panel featuring writers Cullen Bunn, James Asmus and more.

Since the launch of « All-New, All-Different Marvel, » X-Men fans have eagerly awaited the reveal of what exactly went down between Cyclops and the Inhumans during the eight-month gap following« Secret Wars. » Now, all stands ready to be revealed. As part of the upcoming Marvel NOW!initiative, the publisher will launch « Death of X » — a series designed to specifically address all the questions X-fans have been asking about the conflict between mutants and Inhumans.

To set up the series as well as run through what’s in store for the X-Men and Inhuman lines, Marvel held a « Death of X » panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con International. Moderated by Marvel talent scout Rickey Purdin, editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, writers Cullen Bunn (« Uncanny X-Men »),Tom Taylor (« All-New Wolverine »), and artist Scott Koblish (« X-Men ’92 ») took the stage to discuss all things X and Inhuman.

00 Death of X 1 Wraparound Variant by Aaron Kuder

« Death of X » #1 variant by Aaron Kuder

« This is a huge story that’s going to fill in the gap between ‘Secret Wars’ and where we are now in current continuity, » said Alonso. « You’re going to find out where Cyclops and Emma have been and that involves the X-Men and the Inhumans. » Purdin then showed off some of Kuder’s interior art, which featured Cyclops and a group of X-Men on a Blackbird jet, as well as a look at the Inhuman Royal Family.

The presentation turned to « Uncanny X-Men, » and Bunn spoke about his book’s new arc. « From the first issue we’ve been hinting at the Hellfire Club and what they’ve been up to. With issue #11, we’re going to reveal a new version of the Hellfire Club and the way it’s connected and opposed to Magneto’s team of X-Men is real interesting and will change how you look at the team. Information about issue #13 was revealed, stating that the X-Men and Hellfire Club will have a begrudging team-up. « They’re not pals or buddy buddy, but they are working together against a new threat, » said Bunn. « It’s a new threat but also has some deep connections to Magneto. »

Bunn’s other series, « Civil War II: X-Men, » came up next. « The arrival of Ulysses in the Marvel Universe has set a lot of different factions at odds, » said Bunn. « Magneto’s interested in Ulysses and thinks it’s the key to the ongoing survival of mutants. He’s decided the only way to make sure Ulysses benefits mutantkind is to take him off the board and put him in Magneto’s camp. Magneto’s making moves to secure Ulysses. » In issue #3, Magneto’s team will go through changes with some « fan favorite » characters showing up in the series.




Source : SDCC: The X-Men & Inhumans Prepare For « Death Of X » | Comic Book Resources

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